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Welcome to Baruk Khazad!

As a new recruit, there might be a lot of new stuff to take in. Luckily, you can find it all gathered here.

First off, if you haven't yet registered to the kin-site, then please do so. If you happen to have more than one dwarf in the kin, make sure that you list all your dwarves on your newly registered account; It is much easier for us to keep track of who you are this way, rather than if you have a separate account for each dwarf.
Likewise, please make sure to list all of your dwarves in-game, on the kinship page under "Player note"; Again, this makes it easier for us to keep track of everyone.
Once registered, I would also heavily encourage you to change your settings under My Account->Notifications, so that you are alerted by email of any new private message from the kin; If you end up taking a break from the game, then this will be our most reliable way of reaching you.

For introducing yourself to the kin (outside of the game), we have this thread. Make sure that you take the time to introduce yourself to the kin, to allow us to get a chance to get to know you, even if is just a short note about yourself and why you joined the kin (much more than that is optional).

If your character have a backstory that you want to share, then this is the place.

New to roleplaying, and want to learn? Make sure to check out the Roleplaying sub-forum, and maybe take a look at Khuzdul, the dwarven tongue, here. If you're looking for a timeline of dwarven history and doings, at least during the timeframe the game is set in and closeby, there is one here.

We are not alone in this Middle-Earth, for we share alliances with other kins; The Khazadgund (/joinchannel Khazadgund), "the dwarf-halls", is the alliance formed between the roleplaying dwarves of the server. At times, the company of non-dwarves is needed, and for those times, we turn to the Grand Alliance (/joinchannel grandalliance) and Eldariant (/joinchannel eldariant).

Once again, welcome to the kin! I hope you will enjoy our company!
Graindim Dwarrowfare of the Blue Mountains;
Son of minstrel Grundim, son of GrĂșim Ironhand the Great;

At your service, and your good families.
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