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Find Middle Earth in the real world competion

Feldsparr / Apr 11, 2011
Wish I had found this news option earlier.. but there is another contest being run by Codies.
So go to the link and have a try.

Personally I would favour trying to find somewhere that represents the work of the shadow as everyone will be posting Shire/Rivendell shots.
Get that perfect shot of Isengard! (Big old chimney in the middle of the industrial wastes of a local Ikea :P )

and many of the shots from this article would make a lovely Crack of DOOM!


At last - a use for exile to Dol Birmingham. The Black Country in general and Wolverhampton in particular being one of Tolkien's inspirations for Mordor.
just sent my own pictures in, of dinas bran!

aka, Amon Sul, as i happened to visit there the other week, i had some photos of it

one of the pictures form the album.

and real life Ule!
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